photo by Marc Gunter 2020

still freaking/folking/freakfolking

Jude Brothers is an Arkansas forged and New Mexico molded folksy leaning singer songwriter with a penchant for whimsy and tender heartedness.

Brothers’ distinct writing style is marked by congenial contrasts: passionate & playful, calculated & relaxed, approachable & quirky.

Their lyrics communicate a simultaneous existential dread and intoxicating thrill of living and loving, a practice in raw and shameless vulnerability shared through song. All of this is transmitted through nimble vocal frolicking- a shapeshifter voice crawling, leaping, pirouetting over a landscape of various string instruments.


"Solo Arkansas singer-songwriter Jude Brothers delivered a mesmerizing set behind their harp. Their voice aches with a high Ozarks mystery, beautiful and haunting, while their songs wind like kudzu through long ballads and existential inquiry."

-Doug Freeman, The Austin Chronicle


“Alternating between banjo, harp, and guitar, Brothers’ emotive performance recalled the likes of Gillian Welch, Joanna Newsom and Karen Dalton.”

-Jonny Leather, Mecca Lecca


“-a powerful songwriting force conveying emotive lyricism, freak-folk stylings and sick-ass harp.”

-Alex De Vore, Santa Fe Reporter


Their debut solo album '& the Concrete Dragonfly', released in 2017 under the moniker 'ppoacher ppoacher', is available on bandcamp.  

In Spring 2023, they will finally be releasing another; 

‘render tender/blunder sunder’

“It’s a long overdue painting of a painting of a painting of a heartbreak, a mimicry of a mimicry of all the things left unsaid, all splayed out, ready to be heard and healed. So don’t fret, it ain’t really all that sad.” -jb

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Upcoming Shows

NOVEMBER 18TH- FAYETTEVILLE, AR @ The Land at Hazel Valley w/ Anthony Sutton

DECEMBER 10TH- FAYETTEVILLE, AR @ George's Majestic Lounge (for Gar Hole Records' Holiday Showcase)